Njobvu Cultural Lodge - Malawi

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Njobvu Village - Malawi

This website is built and is being maintained by two enthusiast travellers who visited Njobvu, as practical support to this local initiative.
There are no commercial interests or whatsoever connected with this website.


  • Stay for a day or overnight visit in a rural Malawian village

  • Enjoy traditional dances and drumming performed by villagers

  • Stroll through the village to meet the village headman and traditional healer

  • Take part in village life by preparing maize flower and cooking 'nsima' , a Malawian favourite

  • Experience an evening in a typical mudbrick hut complete with Malawian village meal

  • Located minutes from Malawi's treasure, Liwonde National Park; visits can easily be arranged by Njobvu Village staff

Njobvu Cultural Village Lodge is a cooperative initiative of several villages near Ulongwe, Balaka District in Malawi. It started around 2002 as a way of generating income and of educating the local people about the importance of conserving Liwonde National Park's resources for tourism purposes.

Njobvu Cultural Village Lodge is run by and employs local villagers and is an important source of revenue for the community. This income reduces the need to poach within Liwonde National Park. Benefiting from park tourism encourages communities to conserve their valuable natural and cultural resources. A percentage of the funds are used to support a nursery school and in the future to support village elderly.

Visitors of the lodge experience the real Malawian life, by sleeping in the traditional mud brick hut in the village and meeting the villagers and their traditions.

Njobvu Village - info@njobvuvillage.org

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